I’m a certified Life and Weight Coach, of course.

More than that, I am a serial overachiever, live-life-to-the-max, say-yes-to-everything kind of woman, with a life goal to make the world a better place by empowering people to live their best life.

I love relocating, I call it the lazy way to self development. Why? Relocating forces us to build our life from nothing: figure out who we are, what we want, and who we want to spend our time with.

The second sink or swim method to personal growth? Entrepreneurship. It is one of the most self exposing paths we can choose.

Three years ago I left a stable and successful career in finance, relocated, launched my own business, fell in love, and suddenly, on my fourth continent, I was ready to stay.

How did I build my dream life? I did the work.

Now, I teach others how to live their best life by overcoming anxiety and getting sh*t done.

So, why am I focusing on Anxiety & Getting Sh*t Done?

Because the solution is simple. This change is achievable.

I love teaching this work because I have sat exactly where you are right now. Anxiety sucks. Beating yourself up about it, or hating on anxiety all the time, is not going to change anything. 

I know how you can make the change and I know that you are capable of doing the work. This is serious work that will have a serious impact on you. 

Your brain is programmed to think about the short term pleasures and add to that how we are taught to spend money. We are taught to buy vacations, handbags and manicures. The truth is: vacations end, handbags go out of style and manicures chip. 

It is time you invested in the most important thing and by far the most powerful tool you have: your brain. 

My approach is completely direct. I have actionable tools that I teach, and repeat, so you learn to use them without me. You will see results and feel a change quickly.

We are going to get rid of all the excuses your brain has on auto repeat for putting things off


I can answer any questions you have about coaching and teach you a powerful tool that you can implement in your life immediately.
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What people are saying

"I think everyone should participate in coaching! Vikki was so insightful and helped me to see which thoughts were serving me and which ones were not as beneficial. I became much more connected with myself and aware of the link between what was happening in my head and my actions in life."
Kaitlin Graff
"Vikki is an amazing coach with a wonderful energy and an approach that cuts through alot of the fluff. Through her program, I developed a deeper understanding of how I think and therefore act in my life and emerged feeling a much greater sense of control and self-empowerment. It was extremely interesting, powerful and damn useful. I can't recommend her highly enough!"
Leah Schwartz

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