Be happy all the time!

That is what we all want, right, to be happy all the time?

We want it so much.

We believe that others are happy all the time because that is what it looks like on their FaceBook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, …

We forget that life doesn’t work that way.

No one is happy all the time.

Do you even really want to be happy all the time?

What about when you break up? What about when you lose your job? What about when someone dies?

Things happen in life where we do not want to be happy.

What if I told you that 50% of your life you will be happy, and 50% you will experience other emotions: sadness, anger, frustration. That is the human experience.

I know, you want that 80/20 split. Because you want more happiness, this is what happens:

We think we should be happy all the time.

We get mad.

We get mad that we got mad.

We worry about what we said when we were mad.

We stress eat and drink to cover the uncomfortable feelings.

We put ourselves down because of the overeating and overdrinking.

We want to avoid the negative self-talk so we watch hours of Netflix and scroll through social media.

There we see everyone else living a perfect life.

We conclude that there is something wrong with us.

Then we reach the 80/20 split. Except it is the wrong way round.

By avoiding / hiding / fighting our negative thinking we end up with more negative thinking, so now 80% of the time we are having negative thoughts.

There is another way.

As a coach, I teach people to control their emotions and their reactions to their emotions. It is a game changer. It stops your spiraling down a path of negativity. It stops you from having the wrong 80/20 split.

Of course, there is still negativity in life, but it is your choice. You choose when you experience the negative emotions and they don’t spiral across all areas of your life.

Interested to hear more? Message me I would love to show you how.

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