Failing and Growth

Ep 11: The Truth about Failing

Change the way you think about failure and change your life.


I know it sounds extreme, but it is 100% true. 
Your brain still thinks failing = death and so it wants to keep you inside a box, be it an OK job, relationship, or something else.
The known and OK is better than the unknown and potential of failing.
Because to your brain the potential of failing literally means potential death.
That isn’t true anymore. 
Failing actually always provides us with an opportunity to grow, learn and literally get smarter.
If done in the right way.

Nelson Mandela said it best: “I either win, or I learn.”

I adopted this mantra in my life and it changed everything and in this episode I share why,
There are some truths about failing that your brain doesn’t really understand, this podcast explains it all.
Listen to learn more about why I love failing on iTunes here.
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