Ep 8: Habits

Habits. Your brain loves habits.

It requires so little energy to repeat doing something over and over again.
This is why your decisions today will literally impact your tomorrow.
It gets easier to exercise the more you exercise.
It gets harder to get out of bed the more you snooze.
Our habits are not just in our actions, we have habitual ways of thinking, triggering our emotions, as well.


The Anxiety Habit.

It served us in the wild, the ability to go into fight or flight at rapid speed.
Our brains are highly skilled at sensing danger and jumping to anxiety, knowing the cortisol and adrenaline would offer the ability to run faster, longer and feel less pain.
Your brain has triggers, where it jumps to anxiety on autopilot, this is just your anxiety habit.
It doesn’t mean anything about you and you don’t need to fight against it.
The good thing about habits? They can be changed.
Listen to learn more about habits on itunes here.
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