Ep. 5 Stop Procrastinating

It’s work but it works.

I always say it but it is f*cking true.

There really is no other way.
It is time to put that brain of yours to WORK!
The to-do lists aren’t working.
The color coding is wasting your f*cking time.
Let’s look at the diet industry.
Want to lose weight? There are a million FREE resources online. A million different diets.
For most people, it is just a matter of cutting out junk. Eating more vegetables, less friend food and not late night binge-ing.
The reason why the majority of people aren’t losing weight is not because they don”t know exactly what they should be eating. 
It is because they are not sticking to their plans. 
Their thoughts about food, their eating plan and themselves aren’t changing.
If you think dieting is hard, your brain will look for evidence that it is hard and the result will be it is even harder.

It is time to flip the switch.

Start small, show up for yourself, build trust in yourself.
For so long you  have been setting goals and then not showing up. Your brain has not been trained to listen to your goals and take action.
Rebuild that trust.
I do this with clients all the time. We focus on changing the thoughts, and the results follow.
Can you relate? Listen on itunes here.
I also broke down why you’re not getting sh*t done, Read it here. 

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