Ep. 4 How to Stop Procrastinating on Your Goals

You know what you want to be doing.

Why aren’t you doing it?

On this podcast I explain why.
It is not because you are lazy. It is not because you are useless. It can all be explained by… you probably guessed it if you have been listening to me for a while… 
Your brain wants to keep yo alive. It wants to keep you safe. Change is potentially dangerous to your cavewoman brain.
The unknown.
Also, it requires effort. Your brain doesn’t like exerting too much effort in case it needs it for, you know, running away from a predator.
You haven’t heard it explained this way before. Just like my clients, if you aren’t achieving your goal, then you are probably following this pattern.
  1. Set the goal
  2. Delay starting taking action
  3. Feel good
  4. Feel shame
  5. Avoid the shame by avoiding the goal / conversation
This means that your positive intention can create more negative behavior.
I have a client, before she came to me she wanted to cut down her drinking. By the time she had reached #5 above she was drinking MORE than when she had set the goal to begin with!
She was now also using alcohol to drown out the shame and guilt of not cutting back on her drinking.
Can you relate? Listen on itunes here.
Read why your resolutions fail here. 

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