The best things in life are free…

We live together. We work together. We sleep together. We dance together. We cook together. We clean together. We travel together.

He is my partner in love, life, home and crime. OK, not actual crime…

Sometimes, we forget about the romance. We decide to plan a vacation, let’s find time for each other in a few weeks. We’ll get round to it. It will be amazing. Then work, then family, then friends, then cleaning, then cooking, then… LIFE. The vacation doesn’t happen, and it is so easy to fall into the trap of putting your relationship and romantic needs last.

There’s always time for it in our imaginary future.

Then we took a day off. We didn’t jump out of bed and onto the Vespa to get out, we just lay in bed together in the morning. We cuddled. We giggled. We snoozed. It was amazing. We had the best morning and our whole day continued with this lightness and fun.

This was two weeks ago. Since then, every morning, no matter if we are getting up at different times, have different responsibilities, have urgent emails or social media work to do… we cuddle. For at least ten minutes. It has changed everything.

We start our day by enjoying each other, enjoying our relationship, experiencing love. We start our day by giving something special to each other. That is our priority, so it should come first in our day.

Try it. Morning cuddles. Living in line with YOUR priorities. Start your day with what matters most for you. Be it your partner, your pet, your yoga, your gratitude…

It is a game changer.

Contact me if you want to have a quick chat about your relationship or priorities and why you are struggling to get what you want.

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