Wanting to change someone else..

Do you ever find yourself wanting to change something about someone? You can be certain that their life would be better if they just did x, y or z.

Maybe they should drink less, eat healthier, break up with a partner or change their job…

Ask yourself this, are you perfect? Do you do everything right? Is there anything in your own life for you to work on instead of wanting a change in someone else?

The truth is this: you can never make anyone else change. Period.

There is only one person you can make change. That person is you.

Wanting to change someone else is like hitting your head against a brick wall, totally frustrating, and will drain your energy so you aren’t able to give to yourself and your own life.

Let’s flip this around for a moment. Have you been in a situation where someone has wanted you to change? Think about it… when they placed demands on you… They knew what was best for you. How did it feel?

Asking someone to change is telling them either:

a. They’re not good enough
b. They don’t know what is best for themselves

In my career as a coach I have consistently seen that we are more comfortable blaming or changing someone else than doing the work on ourselves.

If you find yourself placing demands on others, just stop for a minute. Think about the one person you can change. YOU.

What do you want to do differently in your life? That is where you should be putting your energy.

Contact me if you really want to change something about someone in your life and I will walk you through it…

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