Ep 7: What really motivates you…

It is so important to pause for a moment and ask the question.

What are my motivations? 

People come to me with all kinds of motivators, but they always fall into the same buckets.
This is because as humans we are all motivated in the same way.
Reminder: Your brain wants to keep you alive.
It has in-built motivation to do so.
Your brain has figured out over tens of thousands of years a successful formula for survival and procreation.

So, what is it?

It is simple.
1. Avoid Pain
2. Seek pleasure
3. Minimize effort
Think about it – all massively useful for survival in the wild. 
Less so in our modern world with pleasure at our fingertips, our basic needs met and it is fair to say 0% chance of needing to run from a predatory. These motivations are literally screwing you over.
Listen to understand why on itunes here.
This work related to your procrastination, Read it here. 

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