Why your resolutions fail!

I know why every year you set resolutions, and every year they fail.
So many of my clients set goals from a place of putting themselves down. I need to do this better, and that different, and stop doing this… I’m so lazy, and stupid, and impatient.

This is why we can’t hate ourselves sober, or hate ourselves thin, or hate ourselves business success or relationships we deserve.

Putting yourself down creates stress and anxiety which leads to MORE of the behavior you are trying to stop. It’s a science.

The best way to make a change in 2019? Love yourself.

Think about someone you love. Think about how you talk to them, how patient and supportive you are of them in their goals. How understanding and compassionate you are of their mistakes. They want to do good by you.

Think about someone who is always putting you down, you don’t respect and love that person, you don’t listen to them, you don’t do what they want. This person is YOU. This is why you aren’t getting results. Putting yourself down literally stops you from wanting to show up for yourself, it stops you from respecting yourself, it stops you from caring about what YOU say.

So, be your own best friend to get the results you want!

That is why, the only thing I want to encourage anyone to do in the new year, and every day, is to practice words of kindness to yourself.

We have to stop interpreting the word selfish as a negative word and start loving it as a concept. Take care of yourself in 2019!

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