Why you’re not getting sh*t done

Did you know there is a scientific reason behind why we don’t get sh*t done?

Really. It is all down to evolutionary biology.

Let me explain.

We decide we want to do something: apply for a new job, send a whatsapp to someone we like, go to the gym, … This time of year is so ripe for deciding what we want to do. Maybe even doing it once or twice. Then not doing it. Every. Damn. Year.

Then comes the negative self talk soundtrack on repeat. To drown out the soundtrack we overeat, overdrink, overwork, over-Netflix, over-FaceBook over-whatever-it-is-to-avoid-my-shame.

So, why are we not getting sh*t done? It is simple. Your brain is really f*cking powerful and it is motivated by three simple rules:

1. Avoid Pain

2. Seek Pleasure

3. Use Minimal Effort

This is what allowed us to avoid death and survive throughout most of our existence. We don’t have the same need for these skills sat in the comfort of our homes but they still exist.

The fact we are pre-programmed this way means we have work to do to achieve our goals. To-do lists don’t work, willpower doesn’t work, the best way to change this is to re-program your brain.

It is possible. I have done it on myself and this is something I teach all my clients.

If you’re sick of not getting sh*t done, email me [email protected] and let’s talk

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