Are you ready to stop feeling so anxious?

It is possible to feel in control, confident and get sh*t done!

It's not you. It's your brain.

The human brain has been programmed for survival.

Anxiety was a survival skill.

Fight or flight mode kept you out of danger in the wild.

Times have changed, our brains have not caught up.

Your brain is still in survival mode and still searching for danger all the time to keep you alive.

This is why your mind and body can go into survival mode before a first date, job interview, call with a certain family member or walking into a party. Your brain is triggering your anxiety survival skill in situations that are not life or death. 

Then comes the “I don’t know’s”

You spend time questioning yourself, feeding your self doubt, feeling stressed, anxious and totally overwhelmed. 

The more you hold on to these thoughts, the more you believe them to be true.

It’s time to make a change. 

You have a choice. You get to decide who you are.

Teaching you things you have never been taught before. It will blow your mind. Literally.

A six month, exclusive, group coaching program that combines cognitive-science-based techniques with actionable time management and planning tools to take you from anxious and overwhelmed procrastination to feeling empowered, calm and able to get sh*t done !

This program is all about teaching you about where your anxiety comes from and how you can overcome your people-pleasing panic, your search for perfectionism, your critical self talk and your self doubt.

Through this program I will teach you how to kick anxiety once and for all so you are able to trust yourself, love yourself, make decisions and enjoy your life.

Introducing F*CK Anxiety


Your Brain

We uncover your current negative thinking habits and anxiety patterns. You will learn how to observe and understand your mind AND learn The Anxiety Model that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Seriously.

Your Self Talk

How you talk to yourself is a habit. If you keep talking down to yourself you will spiral, creating more anxiety. This module teaches you how to talk to yourself that gets you the results you want in your life.

Your Time Management

Here we focus on getting sh*t done! Stop procrastinating, let go of your perfectionism and all the excuses. This month is ALL about understanding then overcoming everything stopping you!

Your Body

This month is all about LOVING your body, it is the best tool you have. You cannot hate yourself thin. Your body does everything for you and you will learn to love it back and from there set and achieve your goals.

Your Relationships

Here we work together so you can set boundaries and have the relationships you want while letting go of the need to please others. Family, romantic, friendship and work relationships. Really. It is possible and it is SO liberating.

Your Purpose

This month is all about finding your purpose and overcoming all your obstacles to achieving it. This month is about taking massive action in pursuit of your best life. You deserve it.

Want to feel better?
Let's talk.

You will gain confidence, trust yourself, love yourself and learn how to F*CK anxiety
There is nowhere else that you can get all these tools.

There is nowhere else where you can overcome your Anxious Brain.

There is nowhere else where you can learn the skills that will 100% empower you

What is the first step to F*CK anxiety? 

A free, no obligations call with me. 

On this call you will get coached on your anxiety, decide if now is the right time for you to start coaching and, if you are interested to hear more about my program, get a better understanding of whether this program is the right fit for you

Through this program I will teach you how to kick anxiety once and for all so you are able to trust yourself, love yourself, make decisions and enjoy your life.

Your brain wants to keep doing what has become comfortable. 

It wants to stay in a place of anxiety, it wants to tell you that you don’t have the time, that things might change and it wants to doubt whether coaching is even right for you.

That’s totally normal.

Our brains dislike change. 

Change is effort and our brains love to be efficient and save their energy, even if it means anxiety.

That is why I am offering you a free session, with no obligations. 

During that 30 minute call we will soon find out if now is the right time for you and how committed you are to doing the work right now. Let me show you how your brain works when it comes to anxiety.

Let me show you how your brain works when it comes to anxiety.

You deserve this.

“We spoke for a little less than 20 minutes and she has completely transformed my life. What you do for people is truly amazing.”
Letty Valencia

Let me tell you what this program is not.​

This program is not about positive affirmations and manifestation and things that are a million miles away from where you are right now.

This program is not about trying to change anyone else because, in case you haven’t figure it out already, you can’t.

This program is not an easy quick fix (that never lasts).

This program is not a place where you will come and share every detail about your past, we are focusing on your present and future to create REAL change.
This program is an intense and thorough process – there is a method and it works, but you have to follow all the steps. We are going to uncover what is going on in your brain and then, take control of it.

It's work but it works.

Ready to take action?

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