Ep. 6 Your Drunk Best Friend

If your best friend says something when she is drunk, what do you make it mean?

You are probably able to listen, not take what she says too seriously, and not judge her. 
We have 40,000 thoughts a day.
Here is the thing. You are not your thoughts.
You don’t have to obey your thoughts and what they tell you.
You don’t have to believe everything your brain tells you.
You don’t have to make your thoughts mean anything about you. 
We know we are not our thoughts because we are able to observe this narrative created in our mind.


Eckhart Tolie says “Be present as the watcher of your mind – of your thoughts and emotions.”

You don’t live out your day thinking about the facts. The narrative is subjective and opinionated.
Your brain is pre-programmed. 
Your thoughts and thinking patterns can be explained by a combination of:
  1. Socialization
  2. Evolution
  3. Cognitive Science
You have been exposed to media and real life situations and your brain is constantly learning.
I share my own experience here in terms of what I believed was a successful career from my pre-programming, and how this changed.
Regarding evolution: Reminder, your brain wants to keep you alive. This is why anxiety exists. If you haven’t already, be sure to listen to Episode 1 explaining this by clicking here.
We know our brains have a negativity bias, on this episode I explain why, how this served us, and why it is f*cking useless now.
You do not need to judge yourself for it, it is just science.
Can you relate? Listen on itunes here.
Read more about your smart brain here.

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