Do you experience anxiety?
Do you find yourself procrastinating?

Here is what I want to show you.

Your worry, anxiety and overwhelm pretends to be useful.

It isn’t.

It wasn’t always the way. in fact, part of the reason you exist is because your predecessors had anxiety which kept them alive. So your anxiety is totally normal.

So, now what? 

Anxiety exists in your brain and it is stopping you from getting sh*t done. People pleasing & perfectionism is wasting your time. I can show you how to have your brain work for you, not against you.. 

I will show you how to feel confident, calm and in control.

What people are saying

"As a coach myself, I'm pretty picky. Vikki is truly top notch and has helped me uncover insightful and valuable "ah-has." I am so grateful! If you are considering coaching but feeling nervous, don't worry for another second. Jump in and let Vikki work her magic! You are worth it!"
Krista St. Germain
"Working with Vikki has been eye-opening, and has given me concrete methods and tools to apply in my daily life, both professional and personal. As someone who had never previously given a thought to undergoing coaching, I cannot recommend it, or Vikki, enough."
Merav Leviten
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